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How Bluetooth Actually Works


Bluetooth has been around for over 20 years now; and it’s a technology you may use several times a day; whether it’s the wireless mouse on your computer or the true wireless earbuds connected to your...

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Live the Journey: Ambient Sound


We often use audio to augment our daily journey, whether it be to turn up the pace on the morning run or transport us from our busy commute, but have you ever wished you could travel to work on t...

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Design Notes: TrueConnect Colours


To celebrate the launch of the TrueConnect we spoke to RHA designer, David Keating about the philosophy behind the new colours; Cloud White and Navy Blue. What was your thinking when coming up with t...

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Take-Off with our Best Travel Gadgets for a Smooth Journey


With the title for world’s longest flight constantly up for grabs, it looks like we will be spending a lot more time in the air. Flying, however, can be tiring and stressful, especially on long haul f...

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Design Notes: Wireless Flight Adapter


Ahead of the launch of the Wireless Flight Adapter, we sat down with Sam Prentice, Product Designer at RHA, to get his notes on the design and function of the product.Why make a Wireless Flight Adapte...

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Why the Piezoelectric Effect is Tennis’ Technological Ace


How has audio technology changed the world of tennis? Wimbledon, the world’s most prestigious tennis competition, is causing a racquet in the UK’s capital this week. The courts will play host to...

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Tech These Out - The Best Tech for Festivals (Festival Tech Hacks)


With Glastonbury already underway, festival fever is here - and with live-streaming, smart glamping, and urine-powered lights, it has been hailed as one of the most tech-filled festivals yet. Also, th...

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Design Notes: T20 Wireless


To explore the highly-anticipated T20 Wireless - combining  the acclaimed sound and design of the T20i with Bluetooth, we caught up with Kyle Hutchison, RHA’s Director of Product.First off, why d...

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Booking Away: Audiobooks for the City Break


Audio has immensely transformative properties. Sound alone can take us from familiar surroundings to somewhere new, reaffirm old memories, conjure emotions and spark our senses. One of the sounds we...

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Picture Perfect: Hollywood Inspired Holiday Destinations


It’s June! And with June (usually) comes the need to book a trip away. Planning holidays can be stressful, though - the endless trawl through websites to find the best deal; finding passports; packing...

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Design Notes: MA650i with Lightning


Ahead of the launch of RHA’s first in-ear headphone to use Apple’s Lightning connection, we sat down with Kyle Hutchison, RHA’s Head of Product Design, to explore the story behind the MA650i with Ligh...

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TVs Golden Time Capsule: The Twilight Zone


We are living through a new Golden Age of Television. Many critics have claimed this started at the beginning of the millennium. Thanks to an influx in viewership spurred by technological advances and...

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Interview with DJ Semtex from Hip-Hop Podcast: Who We Be TALKS_


Award-winning British DJ and broadcaster DJ Semtex has long been at the forefront of UK hip hop. His career has ranged from honing his craft on pirate radio, to working alongside the greatest artists...

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Lights, Camera…Acoustics?


While researching the musicians who appear in the TV show Game of Thrones for a previous blog piece, we stumbled down an internet black hole. Turns out (somewhat unsurprisingly) there is a p...

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A History of Movement: Capoeira


We can all dance - some better than others - but have you ever had to dance for your life? This International Dance Day, we're looking at the history of Capoeira, a Brazilian dance-infused m...

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AI Oh Aye: Glasgow’s Futuristic Exhibit


If you read our exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) in music, you'll know that AI will be at the centre of technology for the foreseeable future. Highlighting the potential...

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Healthy Listening: Mind, Body and Soul


Should living in the modern world come with a health warning? We have a lot to contend with these days. Don’t get us wrong - the modern world is incredible and we’re lucky to be living through...

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Reid Miles & Francis Wolff: The Masters of Jazz Album Covers


April is Jazz Appreciation Month and, to celebrate, we’re shining a spotlight on one of America’s premier labels – Blue Note Records. Formed in 1939 by two German immigrants; business-minded Alfred Li...

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