Cookie Notice

We use cookies on our website and to help you understand why, we have answered some important questions regarding how we use your data to improve If you have any questions regarding the information below then please contact us.

Web cookies are text files containing small quantities of data which helps a website track your visit and activity during that visit.

We use cookies to create a better customer experience for you.  Cookies enable convenient features for you such as storing items in your cart as you navigate between pages, as well as allowing us to gather important user usage data.  We use this data to learn more about how people use our website and make improvements based on that information.

The data collected is determined by the website you visit, cookie type and the information volunteered by the user (form more information on this see: How do I Control my Cookies?).  Cookies cannot read data from your hard-drive or from information supplied to other websites. 

We do not collect names or email addresses from cookies therefore your data is anonymous.

Examples of the types of data we collect from cookies:

  • Number of users visiting our website
  • Number of web pages viewed by the user
  • Time spent on page
  • First time visitors or return visitors
  • Products purchased
  • Browser used
  • Language of users
  • Countries users visited from

Cookie data is stored by the website which collected it and by your device (located inside your web browser).  You can access your cookie data from within your browser settings, for instructions please see this helpful cookie guide.

We use both first and third-party cookies on our website.  We have outlined the types of cookie and their purpose below:

Functionality Cookies
These first-party cookies are necessary to enable basic site functions such as adding products to cart.

Analytic Data Cookies
These third-party cookies collect essential data that we use to analyse how users interact with our website. Allowing us to improve features and functionality for a better user experience.

User Preference Cookies
These first-party cookies remember your preferences when using our website, such as your language and country. Allowing us to provide the best user experience for you.

Advertising Cookies
These first and third-party cookies provide online ads that are more relevant to you, as well as limiting the number of times you see the same ad.

You can control your cookie data via permissions within your internet browser settings.  You can choose which cookies to block and delete your cookie history, as well as block 3rd party cookies.  For instructions on how to manage cookies on your chosen web browser see here.