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We are an independent British audio company. Engineering products that transform the way people interact with sound, technology and each other. We believe in providing value and quality without compromise, which is why we offer an industry-leading 3 year warranty with all of our headphones.

RHA was founded in 2011, in Glasgow, UK. For more about RHA then please visit our Inside RHA section.

The RHA head office is located in the west end of Glasgow, UK.

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Since our founding we have become in-ear headphone specialists; focusing on ensuring our products are both innovative and of the highest possible quality. As we grow we hope to carry those values into other product ranges.

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The correct ear tip fit should be both comfortable and noise isolating. A good noise isolating fit should reduce the sound of background, ambient noise, for example traffic, by a significant amount. Noise isolation is achieved by sealing your ear canal with the ear tip. Some ear tips cover the outside of the ear canal such as our dual density ear tips, whilst others fit into the ear canal like our double flange ear tips.

To read more about the importance of a good noise isolating fit and the differences between noise isolation and active noise cancelling (ANC) please read the ‘Audio & Technology’ section of this FAQ page.

Our ear tips are designed to fit securely on the headphones to avoid them falling off and will naturally loosen over time. The simplest way to fit the earbuds is to roll them in your hands for a few seconds to heat them up and allow the silicone to expand slightly. Hold the ear tip between your thumb and index finger, pinching the ear tip slightly and then apply the sound pipe of the earphone at a slight angle. Then apply gentle pressure to the ear tip, towards the sound pipe, as you straighten up the earphone.

Comply Foam develop military standard, memory foam ear tips which offer superior noise isolation to silicone ear tips due to their increased thickness. The softer memory foam also expands to provide a more comfortable fit.

All of our headphones are playback compatible with devices utilising a 3.5mm socket. In most cases the microphone will remain compatible with all devices utilising TRRS & CTIA jack configurations. However as the internal chip used to communicate with your device is supplied by Apple, we are unable to guarantee compatibility with other manufacturers’ devices.

If you are looking for a product with full Android compatibility, check out our MA650 for Android or any of our >wireless headphones.

By utilising a one-button remote and microphone combination we avoid the requirement for a manufacturer specific chip and instead simply use universal functions. The remote functions are listed below:

  • One-click: play/pause
  • Two-click: skip track
  • Three-click: previous track
  • Press & hold: Digital assistant (i.e. Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana)

These universal functions are possible with any mobile device using a standard CTIA, TRRS jack configuration. Nearly all modern mobile devices, with jack plugs, use these configurations such as the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Pixel.

Yes, all of our headphones include clothing or sports clips to help secure the cable during active use and our wireless earphones are sweatproof and splash-resistant for added sports durability

DualCoil drivers are RHA’s trademarked driver technology which features two independent voice coils, each responsible for producing part of the frequency range. With a lower workload on each coil than a standard single coil driver there is greater room for detailed audio reproduction.

The crossover occurs at 2.2kHz which means one voice coil is responsible for bass and lower-mid frequencies whilst the other is responsible for upper-mids and treble frequencies. To read more in depth information about our DualCoil drivers please see our blog post.

Tuning filters allow you to adjust the sound signature of our T Series products to suit your taste by changing the filter covering the sound pipe. Each filter has a different effect on the sound produced and also protects the housing from debris and dirt.

Reference filters maintain the naturally balanced sound signature of the T20 for true sound reproduction. Bass filters boost frequencies below 200 Hz, and treble filters boost those above 1kHz, both by up to 3dB.

You can purchase replacement tuning filters directly from our website.

Aerophonic is a trademarked RHA term that describes our signature housing design used in MA Series products. The design reflects that of an inverted trumpet and achieves unrivalled clarity by avoiding any obstructions between the drivers and the listeners ear.

You can read more about our Aerophonic design in our blog post.

Of course! Please contact our customer support team using the contact form and they will arrange to send you a complimentary set. These are self-adhesive for simple fitting.


Please see our Bluetooth help page or our downloadable user manuals for wireless pairing instructions.

Resetting your headphones will erase all memorised devices from your MA Wireless in-ear headphones, each device will require pairing again.

To reset the headphones, turn on the headphone, then simultaneously hold the power, volume up and volume down buttons down for 10 seconds.

To re-pair to a source device, it is recommend to first ‘forget’ the headphone in the device Bluetooth settings.

All of our wireless products will provide over 1 hour of audio from 15 mins charging time. For product specific charging times please see below.

  • MA390 Wireless: 1.5-hours charge for a full 8-hours battery life
  • MA650/MA750 Wireless & CL2 Planar (wireless neckband): 2.5-hours charge for a full 12-hours battery life
  • TrueConnect: 100-minutes charge for a full 4-hours battery life (15-minutes fast charge for 2-hours battery)
  • TrueConnect Charging Case: 2-hours charge for a full 20-hours stored charge

To pair your wireless headphones using NFC please ensure your mobile device features NFC technology and follow the steps on our wireless help page. 

For more instructions including pairing via Bluetooth, please see our downloadable user manuals.

Yes, all devices using Bluetooth technology communicate with our wireless headphones in the same "language" and therefore are universally compatible, including volume control and microphone functionality.

Our MA Wireless in-ear headphones and the wireless neckband of the CL2 Planar use Bluetooth 4.2. The TrueConnect earbuds use Bluetooth 5.

Audio Technology

An in-ear headphone is similar in size and portability to an earphone however they utilise ear tips which fit within your ear canal. This provides superior noise isolation and sound quality to a standard earphone design.

The headphone frequency range is the minimum and maximum frequencies produced by the speaker within that particular headphone. The human hearing range varies greatly, but falls within 20 Hz to 20,000Hz. Hi-res audio rises beyond 40,000+ Hz.

Headphone sensitivity is the relationship between power supplied to the driver and the output volume. A headphone with 90dB sensitivity will play music at a louder volume at 50% output from your playback device than headphones with a 70dB sensitivity at the same output percentage.

If your headphones have a suitable impedance for the device they are used with then the volume control on your device should be able to adequately provide desired volume levels regardless of headphone sensitivity.

Impedance relates to the resistance of the headphone driver to the power supplied by the playback device. The higher the impedance, the more power is required to power the headphone.

Headphones with impedance of below 50 ohms can easily be played by all mobiles, PCs etc. Headphones between 50 ohms and 200 ohms will still be playable by most modern mobiles and PCs but may not reach their full potential. Headphones above 200 ohms require more powerful input devices to power them, such as headphone amps and certain high powered mobile phones.

Noise isolation is the passive reduction of ambient noise achieved by physically blocking out background noise. For in-ear headphones the fit of the ear tip is crucial to the amount of noise isolation achieved.

The reduction of ambient or background noise is incredibly important to sound quality due to auditory masking. Auditory masking occurs when our ears hear two sounds at similar frequencies, and - particularly with bass frequencies - the louder sound will mask the quieter one. This is why we struggle to hear conversation over loud music or industrial equipment.

Reducing the volume of this background noise reduces the masking of your music and the need to increase your music’s volume.

Noise isolation passively reduces ambient noise by creating a clear path between the headphone and the ear canal whilst physically blocking all external noise. The quality of the isolation relies upon the fit of the ear tips.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) uses microphones to capture ambient noise and then adds the opposite noise to the audio played by the headphones. This has the perceived effect of ‘cancelling out’ the background noise, similar to math: -1 + 1 = 0

HiFi or high-fidelity audio is a term used to describe high-quality sound reproduction, it has no measurable criteria however usually HiFi audio is balanced, flat sound with little or no distortion. The term is used most frequently by audiophiles and experts to distinguish high-quality audio from low-quality.

Although there is no universal standard criteria for high resolution audio, the common definition refers to audio with a greater or equal frequency range than CD quality. Hi-Res music features less file compression meaning less loss of sound. Many of our earphones are Hi-Res certified by the Japan Audio Society.

Reference audio or sound is a term used to describe audio which replicates the original recording as closely as possible. A flat or balanced frequency response is key to producing this sound in order to reproduce the sound as the music artist intended with minimal tuning.

Audiophiles are individuals who are enthusiastic about high fidelity audio. Audiophiles pride themselves on technical knowledge of audio reproduction and the products within the market. Audiophiles may or may not also be musicphiles but their passion for audio is undoubtable.

Developed by Qualcomm®, aptX™ audio is a method of compressing files for transmission via Bluetooth developed specifically for audio.

This allows high-quality audio files be sent more easily within the limits of Bluetooth’s bandwidth with no perceptible drop in quality.

AAC is a codec designed to effectively transmit audio, similar to aptX however it is most commonly used by Apple products.

A DAC or Digital to Analogue Converter’s function is to convert digital information into analogue audio signals for speakers and amplifiers. The more efficient and diligent the conversion process, the greater the sound quality provided to your amp or speakers.

Many playback devices such as laptops and mobile phones still contain relatively poor quality DACs and amplifiers due to cost or space constraints. Therefore they may not be able to play your music to a satisfactory quality or volume level and you require an external amplifier.

When paired with a DAC, a headphone amplifier provides far superior audio output than the default components within most standard playback devices.

Oxygen Free Copper cables contain less than 0.001% oxygen due to their electrolytic refinement manufacturing process. This lack of oxygen produces greater conductivity, audio purity and longevity.

Balanced cables feature a complex design which eliminates the small amount of distortion present in unbalanced audio cables for absolute sonic precision. The ground wires within unbalanced cables have a slight antenna effect which produces small amounts of distortion.

To negate this balanced cables send the original audio signal to one wire and an exact inverted copy of that signal to the other (positive and negative signals). Both of these signals travel independently to their destination and experience the same distortion effects. The inverted signal is then reversed back to its original state. As the distortion from one of the cables is now reversed, each cables distortion effect will be equally opposite from the other. Thus, once the two signals from each wire are combined again, the distortion will cancel itself out and only the original sound signal will remain.

Apple remotes feature certified processing chips provided by Apple. These chips communicate your commands directly with your device, Apple products speak their own unique ‘language’, therefore are not compatible with other manufacturer's devices such as Android.


To check which countries we ship to, select the country tab located at the bottom right of your page. This will display all of our regional websites; those with a shopping bag logo are eligible for online purchase on our site.

Yes! Shipping is free for all headphones or orders above £19.95. Orders utilising free shipping are sent via Royal Mail First Class delivery in the UK and Europe.

RHA uses both Royal Mail and UPS courier services. Royal Mail is used for our free shipping services and we offer UPS express as a paid shipping method.

Please note that Royal Mail use international partners to ship products globally and tracking may be affected by these 3rd party services.

Royal Mail First Class mail aims to deliver 93% of their UK packages the next working day, for international shipments they usually arrive with 3-5 working days.

UPS express is a tracked and secured service. Packages are delivered the next working day in the UK and most international countries however some countries may be 2 working days.

We offer a full 30-day refund policy on used or unused products. If you wish to request a refund please use our customer contact form.

Unfortunately we don’t offer a part-exchange or trade-in service for functioning or broken products. However if you purchase is within the 30-day refund period we would be happy to assist you in returning your purchase so that you can buy another model.

Klarna ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ is a third-party payment process that allows you to securely purchase a product and delay payment by up to 14 days.

Amazon Pay is a payment platform that uses the shipping and payment details associated with your Amazon account to quickly and securely complete the checkout process.

Stripe is a payment platform used by RHA to receive card payments. It is secure, tokenised and accredited.