We are RHA

An independent audio company based in Glasgow, UK. Our mission is to transform the way people interact with sound, technology and each other.


At RHA, we don’t think or operate within the status quo. We advance earphone technology, using pioneering techniques and new materials to improve performance; we are meticulous in our approach and we don't compromise.

Disenchanted by the choice between high priced, inaccessible in-ear monitors and mass-produced, plastic accessories, we set out in 2011 to deliver a high quality, well-designed alternative.

Combining the finest materials, elegant, functional design and considered details, we create audio products with personality, transforming the way you interact with sound, technology and the people  in your life.

How we create

We challenge the idea that high quality, high-fidelity audio products should be complex, static and purely functional. We spend all day, every day listening; podcasts, playlists, albums, movies and calls.

The tools we use to listen should not only perform excellently but say something about who we are. We make products that we want to own

Our home

Housed just 500 metres from the shipyards that powered Britain for over a century, we flourish in a city that has that has combined a heritage of design and engineering with forward-thinking expertise and passion to create a modern, global centre of culture, music and innovation.

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