Écouteurs intra-auriculaires haute résolution avec télécommande et microphone pour Android™


Écoutez avec de nouveaux niveaux de détails, de profondeur et d'équilibre grâce à un pilote haute résolution 380.1 spécialement conçu pour les appareils Android™.

  • Driver haute résolution RHA modèle 380.1
  • Design Aerophonic™ isolant du bruit
  • Construction en aluminium durable
  • l'Assistant Google complet et contrôle des appareils
69,00 CHF Comprend une garantie de 3 ans

Hear it in high-res

Listen to your tracks with high-resolution levels of detail, as certified by the Japan Audio Society. RHA's custom engineered 380.1 dynamic driver delivers powerful sound with refined clarity; delivering bass with depth and detail, and clear, accurate treble across an exceptional soundstage.  

Clear, immersive and durable

Combining innovative design and a premium metal build, the MA650 uses the signature RHA Aerophonic™ design and high grade 6063 aluminium housings that combine both the sound chamber and sound pipe, to deliver immersive, distortion-free sound with lasting quality.

Total control for Android™

Access full control over device functions using the Android-optimised remote; easily switch between playlists, calls and activate Google Assistant functions using the 3-button remote and microphone. Digital assistant commands lets users access advanced device functions, such as app control, internet searches and information access.


A. Dual material cable

B. 3.5mm gold plated termination

C. 9x ear tips
- Dual density silicone: L x2, M x2, S x2
- Dual flange silicone: L x1, S x1
- Comply Foam Tsx-400: M x1

D. MA650 in-ear headphone

E. Stainless steel ear tip holder and carry pouch

  • 1.35m, dual material cable

  • Gold plated 3.5mm termination

  • 9x ear tips - dual density silicone, double flange, Comply Foam

  • MA650 in-ear headphone

  • Ear tip holder and carry pouch



Custom Dynamic (Model 380.1)




1.35m, dual material, OFC

Frequency Range

16 – 40,000Hz

Rated/Max Power

1 / 5mW


3.5mm, gold plated


16 ohms



Manufacturer's Warranty

3 Years

Frequency Response


High-resolution in-ear headphone

  • High-resolution 380.1 driver 
  • Noise isolating, Aerophonic™ design
  • Durable and lightweight aluminium build
  • 3-button remote and mic for Android
  • Tangle-resistant, dual material cable
  • Three-year warranty