High impedance in-ear headphones for HiFi audio


RHA's CL750 pairs a CL Dynamic transducer with signature stainless steel housings to deliver high-resolution audio with purity and accuracy.

  • Wideband CL Dynamic driver
  • Stainless steel Aerophonic™ housings
  • Braided OFC cable
  • Made for use with amplifiers
  • Three year warranty
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CL750 artwork

Precision in-ear headphone with CL Dynamic transducer

Introducing the CL750

Contained within the CL750's stainless steel, Aerophonic™ housings, the CL Dynamic ultra-wideband transducer is engineered for control, accuracy and high purity sound reproduction over an extended frequency range.

Precision engineered for high-resolution audio, the CL750 should be paired with headphone amplifiers or high powered DAPs and smartphones.

CL Dynamic

Ultra-wideband transducer technology

The ultra-wideband CL Dynamic transducer is precision engineered for high purity, true-to-life sound reproduction across an extended frequency range.

A high flux density voice coil array with annular magnet and 9µ diaphragm allows absolute control over audio reproduction at all frequencies.

Made in metal

Stainless steel, Aerophonic™ design

The CL750 features stainless steel housings in RHA's Aerophonic™ design to transfer sound waves, in phase, from driver to ear without distortion at any volume. Eight times more dense than common thermoplastics, 303F steel ensures durability and longevity in addition to low internal resonance.

Advanced Cables

High-resolution signal transmission

Featuring a braided, high conductivity oxygen-free copper cable, the CL750 is engineered to eliminate cross-channel interference during signal transmission between the source device and transducers. Each OFC cable is coated in durable TPE with stainless steel reinforced cable divide and terminations.

Stay secure

Over-ear cable supports

The CL750 features flexible over-ear hooks designed to hold the headphones in position with the cable running over and behind the ear. The over-ear hooks ensure that the headphone offers a comfortable, secure fit in any ear and optimally positions the transducer housings for effective noise isolation.



A. Flexible over-ear hooks
B. 6 pairs, dual density silicone ear tips - S x2, M x2, L x2
    2 pairs, double flange silicone ear tips - S x1, L x1
    3 pairs, Comply™ Foam Tsx-200 ear tips - S x1, M x1, L x1
    Stainless steel ear tip holder
    Protector case
    Clothing clip
C. Aerophonic™ stainless steel housings
D. CL750 in-ear headphone
E. Gold plated 3.5mm termination

  • Silicone and Comply™ Foam ear tips with stainless steel holder

  • CL750 in-ear headphone

  • Braided oxygen-free copper cable

  • Flexible ear hooks

  • Protector case and clothing clip

  • Reinforced, gold plated 3.5mm termination



CL Dynamic




1.35m, Braided OFC

Frequency Range

16 – 45,000Hz

Rated/Max Power

10 / 50mW




150 ohms



Manufacturer's Warranty

3 Years

Frequency Response


Hi-Res Audio

Hi-Res Audio badge

The CL750 in-ear headphone conforms to Hi-Res Audio standards as defined by Japan Audio Society.


Precision stainless steel in-ear headphone

• Wideband CL Dynamic transducer
• Noise isolating design in Aerophonic™ steel
• Made for amplifiers
• Braided OFC cable with flexible ear hooks
• Ear tips and protector case
• 3 year warranty
• Free delivery