S500 Universal

Compact, noise isolating in-ear headphone

S500 Universal

Experience everyday listening with unrivalled quality and comfort using an ultra-compact design and elegant engineering. 

• Ultra-compact, comfortable design
• Durable aluminium build
• Custom model 140.1 driver
• Universal remote and microphone

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C Durable aluminium build
D Engineered for unrivalled listening comfort

For every ear

A Ultra-compact design fits every ear
B Lightweight housings weigh just 14g

For every phone

Made to work with all phones, the universal one-button remote and microphone allows you full control over any device without having to reach for it. Easily pause playback, take a call or activate a digital assistant at the touch of a button and enjoy listening with convenience. 

For every track

Experience full-range, high quality sound from every track. A RHA model 140.1 micro driver was custom-engineered to deliver powerful sound with detail and quality across all genres. Hear your music in full quality and block out all external noise for immersive, personal listening you can enjoy every day.



A. Dual material cable

B. 3.5mm, gold plated termination

C. 7x Dual density silicone ear tips - L x2, M x2, S x2, Double flange x1

D. S500 Universal in-ear headphone

E. Tip holder & carry pouch

  • Dual material cable

  • 3.5mm, gold plated termination

  • 3x Dual density silicone ear tips - L x2, M x2, S x2, Double flange x1

  • S500 Universal in-ear headphone

  • Tip holder and carry pouch



Micro Dynamic (Model 140.1)




1.35m, dual material

Frequency Range

16 – 22,000Hz

Rated/Max Power

1 / 5mW


3.5mm, gold plated


16 ohms



Manufacturer's Warranty

3 Years

Frequency Response

S500 Universal

Compact, aluminium in-ear headphone

  • Ultra-compact, comfortable design
  • Durable, lightweight aluminium build
  • Custom model 140.1 driver
  • Universal, 1-button remote and microphone
  • Ear tips and carry pouch
  • Three-year warranty
  • Free delivery

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